Knitting may sound like an activity from another era, but the truth is far from that. To be honest, you probably haven't wandered past Pinterest, where you can find incredible knitting-based DIYs.

However, there is a new trend that is quite far from the classic knitting that we all know: this new trend is about finger knitting. It's exactly what it sounds like: you can knit and create your own personal items, without using needles!

You may also have heard of arm knitting, where you use your elbows for support and wrap the wool around them. The new technique is just as fast, only more economical. There is no need for the thick and expensive wool, as the wool you will use to knit the fingers is finer and cheaper. Also, your hands don't get tired because all the activity is done below the wrist!

This technique is very easy to learn: you wrap the wool around your fingers and then pull them to form the knot. And if you're wondering what you can make with finger knitting, you'll discover the possibilities are endless. Winter scarves, original necklaces, pillows, coasters, bracelets and endless decorative items, depending on your preferences and imagination.

To see the finger knitting technique in detail, click on the video below that already has 5.5 million views!