The process of dyeing clothes is very easy.

If the clothes are cotton, linen or viscose you will need 1 sachet for 400g clothes.

If the clothes are wool, wool, nylon, lycra or animal silk you will need 1 sachet for 200g clothes.

RIMO paints are suitable for painting in the washing machine and in a container.

Let's see the steps we will follow for painting in the washing machine.

Pour the paint into the washing machine bucket and add 100g of salt. Then we put the clothes in the bucket (the clothes must be well soaked)

Set the washing machine to 95 C (without pre-washing) in a complete program.

When the washing machine completes the program, add liquid detergent. CAUTION! Put it in the detergent compartment and start the complete washing program again without pre-washing at 70 C to remove the unnecessary color from the clothes.

The washing machine cleans with detergent or a little bleach with a complete program.

We will now look at the steps for painting the container.

Dissolve the paint in a kilo of warm water.

Put 10 kg of hot water in a metal container.

Pour the dissolved paint into the container.

Place the clothes in the container and stir by boiling for 45 minutes.

Take off the clothes and rinse them with lukewarm water and dry them in the shade.

For cotton, linen, viscose, soft cotton you will add with the dye and 100g of salt.

for wool, nylon, lycra, animal silk, you will add 50g of vinegar.